Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

I’m Jill – a classical Homeopath, business owner, wife to Jeremy (#fundad) and mommy to 3 little ones – Jacob, Lila and Dane.

We live in Canada in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains – an absolutely breathtaking backyard, full of adventure. We do our best to live a healthy, active lifestyle and want to show others ways that they can do the same.

I want this blog to be a trusted resource for you to come to for:

  • everyday uses for Homeopathy
  • easy and wholesome recipes
  • inspiration to get outside and enjoy the outdoors with your family
  • simple changes that can have big benefits in your life

If you use other forms of medicine, eat other kinds of foods, parent a different way – that’s all great! My hope is that you’ll still find something here that you will find useful someday.

I’m here to help! Don’t just read along – ask me anything! I love helping people, I always have. That along with a lifelong interest in alternative health and wellness is what pushed me to become a Homeopath.

It is my hope for Homeopathy to one day be in every home, in everyone’s “toolkit.” I want to remove some of the guesswork that comes with homeopathy, and to help and encourage everyone to try this alternative medicine. It’s simple to use, completely natural, and will help your family thrive. What’s not to love?!

When I began my studies in Homeopathy is when my journey to a whole, healthy lifestyle truly began. Cleaning up my medicine cabinet had a ripple effect on my entire life! I want to help people live their best life and show how easy it is to make changes. Small steps add up and make a big difference! I’m far from perfect, but I’ve been there, so hopefully showing things that work for our family and steps that we’ve taken will make another’s process simpler.

Something that I find super helpful in my life is to have tasty, easy, and healthy recipes that I can rely on to get our family powered through another week. Something that I find super unhelpful is when those recipes on Pinterest actually take a long time to make, or they’re a flop and no one likes them! I’ll be sharing recipes that we LOVE, that we’ve had real success with. Use our meal plan to simplify your own mealtimes. Getting good, healthy food in to your family’s tummies shouldn’t be a challenge.

Family friendly adventures can also be a daunting task. It can seem a whole lot easier to just stay home than packing up all.the.things and getting everyone outside. That’s why I’ll be sharing our tips and tricks we have picked up to make it easier to get out. Places to go, things to bring. It usually takes a spontaneous mindset to get out, but being prepared is crucial for having a fun experience with little ones! Biking, hiking, camping and exploring – no matter the season!

Follow along with our journey and join in the fun!

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