Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

This is not your average shepherd’s pie! This recipe includes ground turkey instead of ground beef found in your typical shepherd’s pie. It is loaded with veggies, including the sweet potato and yam topping. A very delicious comfort food! No guilt ever, because guilt and eating don’t belong together 🙂 As usual, this recipe is…

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Using Homeopathy and Essential Oils Together

Did you know that essential oils (among other items) have the power to antidote a homeopathic remedy (ie it won’t work!)?! Read on and discover how to go about using homeopathy and essential oils together, effectively. This post is for general informational and educational purposes only. See my full disclaimer here. In the event of…

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How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Naturally

The stress and anxiety levels floating around right now are sky high and it’s hard to not feel it creep on up in your own body. I’m going to be sharing how to reduce stress and anxiety naturally, when you feel them building. These three stress and anxiety relievers can be used in the current…

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Homeopathy for Cough

This post on homeopathy for cough is the third in a series about how to use homeopathy at home in simple sicknesses. I am breaking down common remedies over every day topics to show how the same remedy can be used in a variety of needs, but also to make homeopathy more user friendly and…

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