Beauty from Bees is an Alberta company that makes toxin free skin, body and bath products. They formulate, manufacture and bottle every item in their Alberta, Canada facility.

I love their standards.

I love their ingredients.

I love using every product, knowing it’s safe for even the littlest goose.

what does it have to do with you?

I am an independent wholesaler for Beauty from Bees. This means that I am your local store!

Anyone who knows me (and probably anyone who reads this blog) knows that I have super high standards when it comes to the health of myself and my family, and in turn, the products that we use (as they directly affect our health!). I have searched high and low for personal products that are a good fit for us. Beauty from Bees has the same standards that I do AND they’re Canadian. Serious win.

I wanted to make it easier for people to find the products that I searched so hard for! I want everyone to take a look at the products they’re using and make a switch for the better.

No more waiting for product to get delivered that you wish you could just run out and pick up. No more paying for shipping on a small order. You can contact me to check out product and grab items I have in stock – check my list below to see what I currently have on my shelves.

Far-away friends, you can still support my little venture when purchasing through the site (because you also need BFB in your life) by using this affiliate link. I will get a small commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you if you use that link.

Welcome to the Beauty from Bees addiction club.

why should i use beauty from bees?

Beauty from bees is raising the bar in the bath and body product world. They’re standing up for our (and our babies!) health by bringing you products with better ingredients (that are locally and ethically sourced), better quality, and standards that you can trust.

Did you know that most “natural” products aren’t natural at all?! Beauty from Bees will NEVER have toxic chemicals or synthetic fragrance. They are FILLED with probiotics and antioxidants.

Products are all gluten free, nut free, cruelty free.

Because you deserve the best, and so do your little ones.

You can read more about Beauty from Bees here.

Click the item names in the chart below to learn more about them and for ingredient lists.

Below are items that I currently have in stock. Contact me with any questions, or to set something aside for you!

Baby Body Balm$15
Baby Bum Cream$15
Baby Oil$18
Baby Wipe Kit [shampoo/body wash + serum]$45
Cradle Cap Kit [baby oil + shampoo/body wash]$38
Mama’s Bump Butter$25
Nipple Necessity$15
Shampoo + Body Wash [orange + vanilla, lavender + vanilla, peppermint, tea tree + lavender]$22.50 [250 ml]
$38 [500 ml]
Conditioner [orange + vanilla, lavender + vanilla, peppermint, tea tree + lavender]$22.50 [250 ml]
$38 [500 ml]
Leave-in Conditioner [lavender + vanilla, orange + vanilla, tea tree + lavender, unscented]$22.50
Dry Shampoo$24
Hair Hydration$28
Shower scrub [peppermint + grapefruit]$22
Body Serum [orange, sweet vanilla, peppermint, unscented]$25
Deodorant$10.50 [.5 oz]
$15 [2 oz]
Peppermint Lip Balm$6
Vitamin C Facial Cleanser$35
Vitamin C Facial Spritz$28
Vitamin C Exfoliate Fizz$22
Facial Moisture Absolute Serum$65
Facial Collection
(cleanser, spritz, exfoliant, serum)
$138 [large]
$55 [travel]
Spot Treatment$28
Dead Sea Mud Mask$24
Bubble Bath [pink grapefruit, vanilla + lavender, orange + vanilla, lemon + lime, eucalyptus, unscented]3 for $20 [3 x 2 oz]
$22.50 [8 oz]
Ultimate Bath Blend (salt soak) $25
Probiotic Hand Spray$12 [2 oz]
$21 [4 oz]
$40 [8 oz]
Outdoor Body Extreme Cream$28
Multi-purpose Probiotic Cleaner 1L refill jug$50

“Take Care of Your Hive.”

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